Consult, Advise and Train


“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience” – Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809 – 1894)

Leveraging on the rich insights of our seasoned trainers we help you identify, develop and evolve the skills required to push your organization forward.

We analyse complex issues together and break them down into their simple constituent parts to aid effective analysis.

By integrating financial knowledge with business experience, we help you surmount the hurdles to identifying and solving your complex business problems


We passionately adhere to our RELIABLE methodologies as the lifeblood of our financial modeling:

Robust and flexible models and analysis tools, which are

Easy to follow with user-friendly interfaces.

Logical flow of modeling logic enabling users to easily

Interpret and update data.

Auditable approach following the

Best international practices

Leveraging on experienced professionals leading to your

Efficient use of time

Our instructors are active advisors and practitioners of what they teach, covering diverse sectors and applying our RELIABLE methodologies. Our RELIABLE methodologies develop skills, grow careers, transform people and revolutionise organisations:

Several  organizations have gained invaluable insights from our RELIABLE modeling and training.

For more information on our training services please contact:


Chris Maranga

+254 722 338214